For Life.

The plug-in hybrid SUV you can trust to protect your family, now protects their future. Welcome the XC90 Recharge



Up to 42.9 miles

Electric range*



Up to 7


* Projected range according to WLTP which measures the range of a car travelling at a certain speed in ideal conditions. The actual range achieved under real conditions varies depending on driving behaviour and other external factors. Figures are based on preliminary target. Final vehicle certification is pending.

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Meet the XC90 Recharge.

Let longer electric range and reduced tailpipe emissions refine your Scandinavian SUV Experience.

A smooth expression of power.

The XC90 Recharge is powered by our latest generation plug-in hybrid powertrain. It delivers high power, smooth electric, propulsion and outstanding drivability.

Longer electric range​.

Go further on a single charge. In Pure electric mode, the XC90 Recharge can take you up to 68km with zero tailpipe emissions.

Improved AWD capability​.

A powerful rear electric motor improves AWD characteristics, optimising driving in slippery conditions and towing.

Assisted safety. It's in our DNA.

  • Avoid collisions.
  • 360-degree parking view.
  • Ease stress in busy traffic.

Day or night, our intelligent safety assistance technology can help you detect and avoid other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and large animals. It does this by first warning the driver then autobraking if the driver fails to react.*

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* Vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists moving in the same direction of the car can be detected under certain speeds and in certain conditions. Detection systems are dependent on objects being illuminated and require the vehicle’s front and rear lights to be working when it is dark. Driver remains responsible for safe driving at all times.

** Driver support functions are not a substitute for the driver’s attention and judgment. Cross traffic alert may have limited functionality in certain situations. Brake intervention is only active at lower speeds.

Always on your side.Advanced technology in your XC90 Recharge helps connect your drive to personalised comfort and mobility.

A helping hand.

Enjoy smooth control. Supportive driver assistance technology can help you maintain a safe distance to cars in front by adapting your speed as well as helping keep you centred in the lane through subtle steering adjustments. In curves, speed is optimised for your comfort.

Cleaner cabin air.

The advanced air cleaner in our world-first air quality system prevents up to 95% of hazardous PM 2.5 particles entering the cabin. This can help you and your passengers enjoy better and healthier air quality, no matter the conditions outside.

Bowers & Wilkins.

Positioned and mounted with precision, adding high-end Bowers & Wilkins speakers to your Volvo creates a breathtaking audio experience no matter where you’re sitting in the car..

Explore the interior and exterior XC90 Recharge

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Volvo XC90-T8
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*Customers must meet all eligibility criteria for both the EVHS grant and NewMotion’s Terms & Conditions. Read the full T&Cs for this offer hereNote: If you subscribe to a car flexibly with 3 months’ notice, you can buy a home charge point from NewMotion at a competitive price (exclusive to Volvo customers). Contact our Customer Relations Centre for details. Once you’ve subscribed to or purchased a car online, we’ll direct you to our partner’s site where you can order your home charge point using the discount code provided.  You’ll need to provide the discount code and either your Vehicle Order Number e.g. GB-XXXXXXXXXX (for new Volvo customers) or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN, for existing Volvo customers). Contact our Customer Relations Centre for more information.