Volvo accessories available for you, your family and friends

Everything we do and sell at FRF Volvo has been approved by Volvo itself – and that includes the wide range of accessories that we have to offer.

Each of our accessories is designed to enhance your motoring experience, whether it’s an important day-to-day driving essential or an optional lifestyle item that adds colour and fun to each trip.

From spare wheels and security alarms to child seats and dog harnesses, we have everything you need to get you going. Each Volvo car already comes with an array of essential safety features included but, just in case there is something that you still require or simply want, we can help.

For instance, we provide snow chains for all sizes of tyres that deliver improved traction following particularly heavy snowfall. We also supply lockable bolt kits that will secure your Volvo’s precious alloy wheels.

In addition to accessories that are crucial to your motoring experience, we also stock a wide selection of items that offer creature comforts – and can bring a smile to your face. Our lifestyle accessories include warm winter jackets and stylish hoodies, while children, from tiny to preteen, will enjoy adorable teddy bears and cool Swedish car-inspired t-shirts.

There are so many official accessories available that we simply can’t mention them all here, so take the time to discover them for yourself on our website. You will also find many items available at our deluxe Swansea showroom; we would be delighted to show them to you.