Volvo S90

When we designed our new executive sedan we had a single aim: to create a car that would redefine the idea of luxury. The result is the Volvo S90, a car that blends the best of Scandinavian design with advanced technology to give you a new experience, beyond the commonplace and everyday. A new kind of luxury. Swedish luxury.

The powerful, low-slung body, with the classic Volvo hallmark of a wide and muscular shoulder line, expresses the car's intent. It's confident and assured, the embodiment of a design philosophy that extends inside the car, where you'll discover a cabin crafted from exceptional materials such as Swedish crystal and flame birch.

In the S90, technology supports you without overwhelming you. From semi-autonomous driving technology that makes driving both safer and more enjoyable to the T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid powertrain, each of the advanced features has been engineered to improve every journey.

Underneath the crisply sculpted exterior lies a chassis that delivers the perfect combination of precise handling and first-class comfort. Smart technology keeps you seamlessly connected with the car and the world around you. And with the very latest in safety innovations, you will travel safe in the knowledge that your S90 will be looking out for you, your passengers and other road users.

Elegance, craftsmanship and technology - this is how a modern luxury sedan should be.

Elegant Scandinavian design

The S90 combines simplicity and elegance to create a design that's confident and unmistakably Scandinavian. Smooth lines, defined details and balanced proportions add a sense of luxury.

Refined performance

Our compact, lightweight, four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines keep weight at the front of the car to a minimum to help maximise handling agility. They balance smooth power with exceptional efficiency for responsive acceleration and low fuel consumption and emissions. The turbo- and super-charged T6 engine offers even stronger low-rev responses.

Sit back and relax

Scandinavian design and Swedish craftsmanship combine to create a calm, sophisticated interior that removes the unnecessary. This allows the car's exquisite details, such as the diamond-patterned started button, Orrefors crystal and Linear Walnut trim, to take centre stage and delight the senses.

Journeys made easier

Pilot Assist helps to reduce some of the effort required when driving in heavy traffic. It helps to keep the S90 at a set speed and distance to the vehicle in front, and uses steering inputs to keep you in the centre of your lane. Pilot Assist works at speeds up to 130km/h, so it's especially helpful on faster roads.
Left Right

With the perfect balance between performance and efficiency, every Volvo powertrain gives you a great drive with low fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

The combination of lightweight, low-friction engine design and advanced boosting technology allows you to enjoy outstanding performance and a smooth, agile driving experience. Smaller engines lose less energy through friction so they can make every drop of fuel work harder to minimise emissions.

This innovative approach also makes driving fun. Choosing the 235hp D5 diesel powertrain, you can enjoy PowerPulse. At lower speeds and from standstill, it activates the turbocharger as soon as you press the accelerator to give an instant boost of acceleration.

We designed the S90 from the ground up for precision and comfort. That's why the sophisticated suspension gives you the best of both worlds. Accuracy and precision when you want it, backed up by comfort and technology to make every drive enjoyable.

And when you come to a stop, the S90 helps you to get going again. Hill Start Assist makes pulling away on an incline effortless by holding the car on the brake until you press the accelerator.

You can choose between four drive modes that allow you to tailor the car's behaviour to your mood and find the perfect setting for the road you're on. Altering the engine, gearbox, accelerator and steering response changes the way the car behaves.


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